Hotel Minibar

  • Hotel Absorption Minibar M-25C/M-30C

    Hotel Absorption Minibar M-25C/M-30C

    The Ultra Silent running mini bar will not affect your sleep and you simply do not need to move from the bed or couch in order to reach food or beverages. keeps food and drinks fresh and cool without having to use a commercial refrigerator. Due to its light weight, it can be simply relocated to another area wherever cool drinks are in demand, even the Garden. The Crystal Clear door of the mini bar allows you to always see your stock of the good stuff.
  • Hotel Glass Door Absorption Minibar M-25T

    Hotel Glass Door Absorption Minibar M-25T

    Quality, price, design and security are the key words of the Absorption Minibar M-25T
    Considered as beneficially as mini refrigerators, mini-bars facilitate the conservation of products and drinks cool.
    These refrigerators mini-bar are placed in a hotel room or office.
  • Hotel Absorption Minibar M-25A

    Hotel Absorption Minibar M-25A

    Absorption Minibar are available in different capacities to suit your cabinet fittings. They come complete with LED interior lighting as well as quality lock. They are engineered and built to last. Purchasing a Absorption Minibar M-25A is a long-term investment in quality. Every one is built to withstand rugged, day-to-day use and to last the life of the installation.
  • Hotel Absorption Minibar M-30A

    Hotel Absorption Minibar M-30A

    Their smaller size allows for them to be placed almost anywhere, including on or underneath existing worktops.
    Perfect for hotel room fridges, mini bars are increasing in popularity with options including "No Noise" and new to the market, heat pump technology.
  • Hotel Absorption Minibar M-40A

    Hotel Absorption Minibar M-40A

    Absorption Minibar M-40A provides an impressively chill temperature range of 5°C to 8°C. Ideal for storing drinks and snacks, this 40 litre mini fridge has a practical completely silent running
    Certificate: CE/RoHS
  • Hotel and Home Use Absorption Minibar M-50A

    Hotel and Home Use Absorption Minibar M-50A

    All plastic parts can be recycled and reused. Stainless, rustproof materials and an easy to operate power switch make this minibar a precious accessory for every hotel room. The handle is integrated into the door to save space and allow the fridge to still be opened with one swift movement.
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