Electric Kettle

  • Electric Kettle HOT-W15

    Electric Kettle HOT-W15

    Original design breaking the traditional circular one
    High-power 1350W for fast water burning
    Famous-brand thermostat and steam induction switch bringing high temperature power-off protection automatically and preventing dry boiling
  • Electric Kettle HOT-W20

    Electric Kettle HOT-W20

    Various temperature shift
    Real-time temperature display
    Double-layer electric kettle with touch screen
  • Electric Kettle LL-8860/8865

    Electric Kettle LL-8860/8865

    Double-layer design inside and outside and two-in-one heat insulation and anti-scalding with outer housing being high-temperature resistant PP, heat insulation on the middle layer, and SUS 304 stainless steel as inner pot 
    High-quality thermostat, which will power off automatically when boiling, water drying, and overheating
    Portable elastic lid for easy to open being exquisite
    Anti-overflow spout
  • Electric Kettle GL-E5B/E5D

    Electric Kettle GL-E5B/E5D

    Instant temperature display
    UK STRIX thermostat
    0.5MM thickened SUS304 stainless steel
  • Electric Kettle XT-9S

    Electric Kettle XT-9S

    Touch the handle to switch on/off
    Put the kettle full of water on the base, gently press the handle to boil water, without any extra action required.
  • Electric Kettle HOT-Y08

    Electric Kettle HOT-Y08

    Real-time temperature display on LED screen
    Automatic keeping water hot for 2H
    Long-lasting keeping water hot for 10H
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