Hotel Glass Door Absorption Minibar M-25T

Short Description:

Model: M-25T
Volume: 25L
Specification:: 220V-240V~ / 50Hz or 110-120V~ / 60Hz; 60W; 4-12℃(at ambinet is 25℃)
Color: Black/Gray
Feature: Cooling Method: Absorption technologies, ammonia water circle; Minibar are with no compressor, no fan, no moving part, no Freon, no vibration, silent and don't produce any noise, function stably and soundly

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Advantages description

Absorption Minibar M-25T sets new benchmarks in guest comfort, product presentation and energy efficiency. Featuring Mdesafe’s noiseless absorption technology , the 25 l class minibar fridge is completely silent in operation and economical, too. Its glass door and LED interior lighting nicely accent the minibar offering to boost your sales. Optional upgrades: door handle, lock, left-hand-side hinge, LED door opening control.

Minibar-Standard Features

Cooling Method: Absorption technologies, ammonia water circle.

1.Minibar are the one of the products which are environmental friendly, without fluorine,  and cause no pollution to the aerosphere. High performance with superior absorption new technology and cooling by ammonia.

2.Minibar are with no compressor, no fan, no moving part, no Freon, no vibration, silent and don't produce any noise, function stably and soundly.  The products can defrost automatically and belong to static-cooling refrigerators.

3.The products adopt electronic temperature control, which makes the temperature in the product.

4.Quite even, and have little fluctuation when starting and shutting off.

5.The door hinges of the product are left-and-right interchangeable.

6. Maintenance-free operation, energy saving, long life and 5 years' warranty.


1.Left or right open

2.Color(Black, White, etc)

3.Solid door or Glass door

4.Print customer logo

5.Power plug type, For examples, Spain type, New Zealand type, USA type, Europe type etc.

6.With lock

7.AC or DC

8.Shelving can be customize to meet specific storage


• Hotel guest room, Office, Hospital or Home etc.

Usage Instructions of Absorption Hotel Mini bar

1. Please let the product work about 1 hour with no load, and then put in the foodstuff when using the product for the first time.

2. The product shall stand horizontally and can't be slanted; otherwise it will cause poor cooling.

3. There are totally 5 positions in the temperature adjusting device, normally please use position Position 1 is the warmest  while position 5 is the coolest.

4. Don't put too much foodstuff into the cabinet once, please add foodstuff gradually.

5. Certain distance shall be kept between the foodstuff stored in the cabinet, so that the cool air can  flow freely and the temperature will be even.

6. In order to save energy, please try your best to reduce the door opening times as well as make it  quick every time you open the door.

7. When stop using, please use a soft wet cloth to clean the inside of the cube, and let air circulate  in the cube so as to avoid the liner of the cube being eroded.

8. LED light, 3.6V/1W.


Internal Light

Absorption Minibar Internal Light

Optional Lock

Absorption Minibar Optional Lock

Temperature Control

Absorption Minibar Temperature Control




Absorption Mini bar

Model No


External Dimensions







Glass Door


Absorption Cooling System


 220-240V~(110V~ Optional)/50-60Hz



Temp Range

4-12℃ At 25℃ Ambient)



Our Advantages

Short Lead Time

Advanced & automatic production ensures short lead time.

OEM/ODM Service

Highly automation helps lower costs.

One-stop Sourcing

Offer you the one-stop sourcing solution.

Strict Quality Management

CE, RoHS Certification & strict quality tests ensure the high quality.

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  • Q1. How can I get your quotation sheet?

    A.You can tell us some of your requirements by email, then we will reply you the quotation immediately.


    Q2. What is your MOQ?

    A.It depends on the model, cause some items has no MOQ requirement while other models is 500pcs, 1000pcs and 2000pcs respectively. Please feel free to contact us via to know more details.


    Q3. What is the delivery time?

    A. The delivery time is different for sample and bulk order. Usually, it will take 1 to 7 days for samples and 35 days for bulk order. But all in all, the accurate lead time should depend on the production season and order quantity.


    Q4. Can you supply me samples?

    A.Yes, of course! You can order one sample to check the quality.


    Q5. Can I do some colors on the plastic parts, such as red, black, blue?

    A: Yes, you can do colors on the plastic parts.


    Q6. We’d like to print our logo on the appliances. Can you make it?

    A. We provide OEM service which including logo printing, gift box design, carton design and instruction manual, but the MOQ requirement is different. Please contact us via email to get details.


    Q7. How long is the warranty on your product?

    A.2 years.We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition.


    Q8. What kind of certification have your products passed?

    A. CE, CB, RoHS, etc. Certificates.

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