Electric Kettle LL-8860/8865

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Double-layer design inside and outside and two-in-one heat insulation and anti-scalding with outer housing being high-temperature resistant PP, heat insulation on the middle layer, and SUS 304 stainless steel as inner pot 
High-quality thermostat, which will power off automatically when boiling, water drying, and overheating
Portable elastic lid for easy to open being exquisite
Anti-overflow spout

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Advantages Introduction

• Double-layer design:
high-temperature resistant PP material as the outer layer(LL-8860)/ stainless steel inner container in the color steel (LL-8865) to form a hollow insulation layer, which effectively prevents scalding

AOLGA Electric-Kettle-LL-8860









• Integrated kettle:
the lid is integrated with the body, so the lid is not easy to fall or lose

• Integrated seamless liner:
smooth and seamless, easy to clean, and no scale formation

• The rounded stainless steel spout is all-inclusive and prevents scratches. Undispersed water flow and effortless water pouring

• High-quality thermostat:
safe and durable, temperature-controlled boiling water, intelligent power off, strong stability

• Small capacity:
0.8L/1.0L, quick boiling and use, convenient and time-saving.

• Handle:
Ergonomic handle

• The water-gathering ring design of upper cover:
prevent splashing water when open the cover, accelerate the fall of cold water, and prevent scalds

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• One-piece strainer: 
the pot body is equipped with one-piece stainless steel strainer, no overflow

• Anti-dry burning:
automatic power-off function and high temperature fuse when the water is boiling, safe and secure

• Damping open lid, a new and easy water receiving

• First open the lid at 45 degrees, and the steam forwards to prevent splashing of hot water. 75 degrees is also allowed, conducive to water receiving and cleaning

• Open and close the lid by lightly lifting or pressing backwards

• Visible one-button heating at night, equipped with a visible heating indicator



Electric Kettle


LL-8860/ LL-8865


Black/White (LL-8860)/Dark-grayish green(LL-8865)


Outer housing: PP(LL-8860)/ Colored steel outer housing(LL-8865)

Inner pot&lid: SUS304 stainless steel


High-temperature baking varnish of outer housing


High-quality thermostat, Preventing dry boiling, Double-layer pot body, Automatic switch


0.8L(LL-8860)/ 1.0L(LL-8865)

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AOLGA Electric-Kettle-LL-8865 picture of material object
AOLGA Electric-Kettle-LL-8860 picture of material object
AOLGA Electric-Kettle-LL-8860(White)

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