How to Choose An Electric Kettle?

AOLGA Electric Kettle HOT-W20

An electric kettle is often used in our lives, including at home or in a hotel. When we want hot water, the electric kettle can meet our needs, but some non-standard electric kettles may bring us some harm, so in the face of the various electric kettle products on the market, what should we do? How can we select a good electric kettle?


See the material

Generally look at the inner material and the outer material, the inner material is more critical because it is in direct contact with water. When choosing an electric kettle, you must look at whether the inner tank has a SUS304 mark which 304 stainless steel, resistant to high temperatures and has good toughness to protect people’s health. AOLGA electric kettles are made of high-quality SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel to ensure product safety and durability.

In addition, the outer material of the electric kettle is also very important. At present, most of the electric kettles on the market are made of safety-grade plastics and ceramics, and have no peculiar smell. But there are also individual businesses in order to reduce costs. If used for a long time, harmful substances will be released, which will endanger our health.


See the appearance

When purchasing an electric kettle, in addition to looking at whether the appearance is satisfactory or unexpected, it must also be measured from its production process, including the smoothness of the outer plastic of the electric kettle to see whether the plastic and the stainless steel kettle are symmetrical, and whether the plastic outer layer is scratched. . Good products can be seen in the manufacturing process. The AOLGA electric kettle comes from international rigorous craftsmanship, and the meticulous craftsmanship of the production can be appreciated from the simple and atmospheric appearance.


Select with limited temperature function

Choose electric kettles with a temperature limiter control function which can automatically cut off the power after the water is boiled. Most of the electric kettles in the market use temperature limiters.


See description

Check the product logo and description carefully. The standard stipulates that the product logo should be complete, including: company name, address, model, specifications (such as capacity), trademark, voltage parameters, power parameters, symbols for the nature of the power supply, etc.; there should be prevention of misuse Warnings, detailed cleaning methods, etc. included.


See needs

Electric kettles should be purchased according to usage habits and actual needs. The capacity of electric kettles currently on the market is between 0.6L and 1.8L. Households of 2 to 3 people can choose electric kettles of about 1.2L and 1000W; 4 to 5 People can choose 1.8L, 1800W electric kettle.

Post time: Jun-18-2021
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