How to use Glass Electronic Weight Scale CW275 correctly

Glass Electronic Weight Scale CW275 is a high-precision weight scale with 4 highly sensitive sensors, which can measure your weight more accurately,but you must pay attention to use correctly, otherwise, the weight will be biased and affect the measurement. So how to use Glass Electronic Weight Scale CW275 to measure weight correctly?

AOLGA Glass Electronic Weight Scale CW275(white)

1. First of all, the weight scale should be placed on a flat floor, not on a carpet or soft ground, not in a place with high or low unevenness, and not in a damp bathroom, because it is an electronic product.

 Glass Electronic Weight Scale CW275

2. The time for weighing and standing must be correct. Separate the two feet without blocking the display screen. Standing up gently with one foot, and steadily with the other foot. Don’t shake or jump on the scale. Don’t wear shoes, and try to weigh with as few clothes as possible to get closer to your weight.


3. After standing up, the display will give a reading, and will give another reading after flashing twice, which is your weight. Then come down again and weigh again, if the data is the same as before, it is your actual weight.


4. There are mainly four feet on the back of the scale for grounding. This is the key part of weighing, the spring weighing device. These four feet must work at the same time in order to weigh accurately.

AOLGA Glass Electronic Weight Scale CW275 Back(white)

5. In the middle of the four feet, there is a battery compartment, which is used to install the working battery of the weight scale and the battery should be replaced in time. When the battery is out of power, the measured weight value will not be accurate. If the battery has been used for a long time, it will leak liquid and damage the circuit. So please replace the battery in time.

AOLGA Glass Electronic Weight Scale CW275

6. Pay attention to the measurement limit of the weight scale. The limit of this weight is 180 kilograms. Don’t measure beyond the range. Otherwise, you won’t be able to measure your weight, and may lose your weight scale. So when you buy it, you should look at the measurement range that suits you.



It is necessary to develop your habits every day, and have a weight at a fixed time, and make corresponding records.

For long-term observations, you can take the average weight of one week or half a month for comparison, because the changes each day are very small.



Post time: Jun-17-2021
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