AOLGA Hair Dryer and Kettle in The Appartment of Singapore

Good news!

Currently our new hair dryer and kettle are in one appartment near CBD of Singapore.Nice products,love them!

Look at the pictures first.

Aolga new hair dryer in the apparment

(AOLGA Hair Dryer RM-DF15 in the apparment)

 Aolga new kettle in the appartment

(AOLGA Electric Kettle LL-8865 in the appartment)


kitchen picture with Aolga new kettle

(kitchen picture with Aolga new kettle)


From above photos,our hair dryer and kettle make good decoration for appartment and hotel.Very neat stuff!Our hair dryer and kettle are popular and many customer have repeat order of them.This customer in Singapore has repeat order of our hair dryer already.Hope our products will be in more and more hotels and we will insist to serve our customer with high quality products.

Meanwhile we have produced safe box for more than 10 years and we ensure our quality.

Electronic Password Safes K-JG003 AOLGA Electronic Password Safes

If you are interested in our products,please feel free to contact me at any time via

Post time: Jun-07-2021
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