Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer RCY-67588B/D158/RCY-568

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1800W/1200W high power
AC/DC motor
2 wind speed options
3/2 temperature controlled options,
micro switch

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Advantages introduction

Small body, super power

Compact body for portable hand holding, 1800W super power for strong and fast drying hair without hair damaging

High-efficiency and high-speed motor

RCY-67588 and D158 use high-quality DC motors, and RCY-568 uses high-quality AC motor.

Wall-mounted hairdryer

Especially suitable for hotels, guesthouses, clubs and other public places.

Micro safety switch

The micro safety switch is specially set for safe use. Switching on when pushed by hand, and powering off when released, avoiding potential safety hazards caused by long-term use.

The pressurized wind-gathering outlet makes wind more concentrated, and drying much more high efficient.


• One-piece noise reduction rear cover reduces part of the noise generated when blowing.

• Coil spring power cable brings good extensibility, and can be stretched and contracted quickly, convenient to use without taking up extra space.

• 2 wind speed options, 2/3 temperature controlled options

All wall-mounted hair dryers have 2 wind speed gears.

RCY-67588 and D158 have 3 temperature controlled options, while RCY-568 has 2 temperature control gears.

• Built-in famous brand high-quality thermostat brings precise temperature control and constant temperature hair care

• Overheating protection and automatic power-off

With overheating protection device, the hairdryer will automatically shut off in the case of overheating, allowing you to have a safe and worry-free experience.

• Thermal-resistant and flame-retardant device

• Built-in famous brand high-quality thermostat has precise temperature control and hair care in constant temperature

• Optimized design of fan pages and air ducts, effectively mute and comfortable to use

• Slim and comfortable handle, easy to use and store

• Famous brand DC /AC motor with high torque and high speed

• Overheating protection device making the hair dryer automatically power off in the case of overheating, thus giving you safe and carefree user experience

• 2 wind speed options and 3 temperature controlled options

• Built-in famous brand high-quality thermostat has precise temperature control and hair care in constant temperature



Wall Hanging Hair Dryer






Injection molding


Wall-mounted hairdryer, 1800W/1200W high power, AC/DC motor, 2 wind speed options and 3/2 temperature controlled options, micro switch

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Wall Mounted Hair Dryer D158

AOLGA Wall-Mounted-Hair-Dryer-RCY-568

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer RCY-568

AOLGA Wall-Mounted-Hair Dryer RCY-67588B

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer RCY-67588B

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